Offered by:

  Gary & Sandy Hoyle

  Boone, North Carolina

  (828) 963-6307

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Class Schedule

Offering 1 and 2 day classes

Call for special scheduling needs.    

Do you qualify for a NC CCH permit?

NC Sheriff's Assn. - Frequently Asked Questions on CCH

This course is the first step in obtaining a North Carolina Concealed Carry - Hangun permit. After satisfactory completion of the course the required paperwork will be provided with instructions on how to complete the application process.

Classes are held when 4 or more interested persons can be scheduled.

Course fee: $60.00 (Discount offered to Watauga Gun Club members.)

First Section:


Course Objectives

Legal Issues

NC Common Law

NC Statutory Law

Prohibited Carry Areas

Written Exam

Second Section:

(Classroom & Range time)

Firearms safety

Firearms fundamentals

Firearms proficiency

ALSO - For your convenience - "Your place or ours!"

Get a group together and call us! We'll be glad to travel to your site for the Friday night session! Line up a room large enough for your group at a site such as your volunteer fire department, community center or residence.

We are a training team committed to personal protection.  We can also do special classes  -

Gary's goal is to help people become safe and proficient shooters. One of his claims to fame is being able to help people get "on target". He is  active in the IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) shooting sports and does private instruction.

Sandy's primary purpose for becoming a Concealed Carry and firearms instructor was to reach those who are less represented in the shooting community - LADIES. There are always going to be times when there isn't a Mr. around to do it for you. AND there is a need for firearms instruction from a woman’s point of view.

So take the first step toward defending yourself and call or email. Remember, too, there is strength in numbers. Get three or four friends together and let's make a date!