Ladies Only Pistol Classes

Regardless of your political persuasion ...

Regardless of your personal convictions or aversions ...

Ignorance and fear are the enemies.

We all have things in life that we have the training, knowledge and skills to do should the crisis arise but hope we never have to. For me -  the iron and ironing board come to mind - but all jesting aside -

If there is a gun of any kind in your home - you have a responsibility to yourself and your family to know how it operates and how to store and use it safely. Ignoring it or denying it won't make it safe. Keep in mind, there is more likelihood of a woman needing protection when their man is not around. Your self-preservation is not someone else's responsibility. Be aware. Be prepared.

These classes are LADIES ONLY for a reason. Ladies often have well-meaning spouses, significant others, or friends who advise them on mechanical objects. But what is offered as advice can be less than helpful and even unintentionally overbearing or heavy-handed. These classes are ladies talking to ladies without all the macho hype. Our goal is to help ladies become familiar with a gun they already own or are exposed to as well as help to overcome the fear of the unknown.

We try to schedule two or three classes each year as an opportunity for ladies to become familiar with handguns. The course includes classroom training on the very basic concepts of guns and ammunition with actual hands-on application. SAFETY is the first and foremost concept taught and then the basic skills necessary to operate a firearm. Gun ownership is not a requirement for the class. A firearm will be provided for class use.

Ladies like to do things in small groups, too. We recognize that. If you have a group interested in a class, let us know and we'll put something together.

For a description of what the class covers view the Syllabus.


        Sandy Hoyle


PS: "WE and US" is because he and me are a team.