Ladies Only Safety Class

Many ladies have expressed a desire for a class on personal  safety or handgun basics or more. So we have developed this course.

What we look at:

*  Personal and home safety / security basics

*  Basic handgun safety and handling

*  Basic and intermediate shooting drills

Instruction is low-key, no pressure, and lady friendly. Girls 15-18 welcome with their guardian (mom, grand-mom, etc.)

Handguns and ammunition are provided. We use .22 caliber guns which are low recoil and lower noise. Class participants are welcome to bring their own gun if they have one for one-on-one time after the course is completed.        

        Class fee: $45

        Please call or email your questions.

Ladies groups are one of the hardest things to coordinate, so if you have a few friends who are interested and can agree on a date, call us and let us put a class together for you. We need at least 3 weeks advance notice to get materials together.


        Sandy Hoyle


        NRA and CCH Instructor

(Please copy & paste the email address to your mailer.)